Why Is My Miele Dishwasher Not Cleaning Well?

If running the dishwasher still leaves you with dirty dishes this hardworking appliance isn’t doing its job. What causes cleaning issues in a Miele dishwasher? Errors like selecting the wrong cycle or overloading with too many dishes can affect performance. Troubleshoot a Miele dishwasher not cleaning well with these common problems and solutions.

5 Reasons for a Miele Dishwasher Not Cleaning As It Should

While part failures can be responsible for a Miele dishwasher not cleaning well, use and care of the dishwasher are also factors. Our troubleshooting guide details how to fix a dishwasher not cleaning with a simple adjustment or professional repair.

Problem With Dishwasher Water Supply

Before considering a malfunction, Miele dishwasher troubleshooting should begin with assessing your water supply. 

These water supply issues can affect dishwasher performance:

  • Temperature: If the dishwasher isn’t connected to a hot water supply or the water isn’t hot enough, dishes may not be sufficiently clean. Make sure your dishwasher has a working hot water connection and that your home’s water heater is set to 120℉.
  • Pressure: Without adequate water pressure, a dishwasher can’t clean appropriately. If the water pressure in the kitchen sink also appears affected, your home’s water pressure may need a professional assessment.
  • Amount: A lack of water can also leave dishes dirty. If the dishwasher’s water inlet valve is faulty, it won’t open and allow water to enter the dishwasher as needed. A faulty inlet valve may make a loud hammering sound during operation and should be professionally replaced.

miele dishwasher not cleaning

Not Using Dishwasher Correctly

Simple user errors like selecting the wrong cycle or improper loading methods can also affect performance, leaving dishes dirty. Make sure you select the right cycle for your wash load, particularly if it’s heavily soiled. Dishes or cookware with caked-on grease and food particles may require a heavier wash cycle, like Pots & Pans, to get sufficiently clean.

Loading errors like overcrowding the dishwasher with too many items or placing them on the wrong racks can also compromise cleaning. Overcrowding limits airflow and access to water and detergent. Avoid nesting and improve dishwasher drying by leaving adequate space between items. Loading plates, cups, and bowls on the wrong racks can also impact cleanliness. Our dishwasher loading guide and your Miele dishwasher service manual specify where to place items for optimum cleaning.

White Spots Left On Dishes

Is your Miele dishwasher leaving white residue on dishes and glassware? These marks are typically caused by hard water or etching. To banish hard water stains, be sure to use rinse aid with each wash cycle, increasing the amount if necessary. 

While etching can’t be reversed, here’s how to prevent new marks from forming:

  • Use less detergent.
  • Lower the water temperature.
  • Avoid pre-rinsing dishes.
how to fix a dishwasher not cleaning
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Food Still Stuck on Dishes

One of the clearest signs of a Miele dishwasher not cleaning well is food still stuck on dishes at the end of a wash cycle. 

These tips can decrease food particles in the dishwasher, resulting in cleaner dishes:

  • Don’t pre-rinse: most detergents work better when combined with grease and grime.
  • Use a better detergent: A high-quality detergent like Cascade Platinum ActionPacs can improve cleaning performance.
  • Clean the dishwasher filter: A clogged filter can lead to backups of dirty water that deposits food particles on dishes. Clean the filter by rinsing it under warm water and brushing it with a soft toothbrush to dislodge stubborn debris.

Spray Arm Issues

Lastly, when you find your Miele dishwasher not cleaning well, check the spray arms to make sure they’re functioning properly. If the spray arms are blocked, clogged, or damaged, water won’t reach dishes, leaving them dirty.

Here’s how to assess dishwasher spray arms:

  • When loading, make sure taller items don’t block spray arms, limiting their range of motion.
  • Regularly inspect the spray arms for clogged holes that can block water from spraying. If the holes are blocked, detach the spray arm and unclog the hole with a toothpick.
  • Inspect spray arms for damage like breaks or cracks that can alter their function. A damaged spray arm requires replacement.

Ortega’s Appliance Service can fix a Miele dishwasher not cleaning well or any other malfunction. Call us when you need an expert dishwasher repair service!

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