Why Is My Miele Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

If you’ve invested in a Miele dishwasher, chances are you’re eager to take advantage of its amenities, specifically it’s superior dish-drying capabilities. That’s why if you notice your Miele dishwasher not drying dishes as well as you expected, you’ll want to quickly address the issue. We’ll troubleshoot reasons why a Miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet from improper loading to a lack of rinse aid.

Causes and Solutions For a Miele Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

When your dishwasher isn’t performing as expected it’s easy to think that something drastic has gone wrong. Fortunately, a Miele dishwasher not drying dishes appropriately can usually be fixed with some simple adjustments. But before we discuss these easy fixes, let’s first discuss the brand’s unique dish-drying mechanism.

How Do Miele Dishwashers Dry Dishes?

Miele dishwashers are almost exclusively manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards. One of these standards is to provide better dishwasher drying methods than other brands with the condensation drying system.

Miele dishwashers use one or two fans to draw hot, steamy air to the cooler side walls of the washer tub. This draws condensation away from dishes, leaving them completely dry at the end of a wash cycle. But even this condensation system is no match for user error. We’ll discuss some common pitfalls to avoid, better enabling your Miele dishwasher’s drying capability.

miele dishwasher not drying
Image from Miele

Dishwasher Isn’t Loaded Properly

We know it’s tempting to overload the dishwasher after a big meal and let it do the hard work. But overloading will lead to extra dishtowel time for you by restricting the flow of air that gets dishes dry. Here are some quick dishwasher loading tips to promote better drying:

  • Top rack: reserve for cups, bowls and glassware. Place items facing down for better rinsing and drying
  • Bottom rack: designated for plates and cookware. Make sure there’s adequate spacing between items and face them down or inward for more effective rinsing and drying
  • Silverware basket: avoid nesting by mixing forks, knives, and spoons together.

Unloading Dishes Out of Order

Just as there’s a proper loading technique, there’s a correct method for unloading as well. We suggest unloading the bottom rack of dishes first. Unloading the top rack before the bottom results in any accumulated water dripping onto the items in the bottom rack.

Washing Plastic Items

The condensation drying system in your Miele dishwasher works best with glass and ceramic items that are good at absorbing heat. Plastic is not very good at absorbing heat and you’ll notice your Miele dishwasher not drying numerous plastic items sufficiently.

We suggest limiting the amount of plastic in the dishwasher to improve its drying ability.

dishwasher not heating or drying
Image from Science Illustrated

Not Using Miele Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Unfortunately, many think that rinse aid is an unnecessary addition that only makes dishes sparkle. On the contrary, rinse aid is an important dishwasher asset that helps dry dishes by breaking the surface tension on water droplets. This leads to faster, easier rinsing and more effective drying.

Miele specifically recommends its own Miele dishwasher rinse aid to work with its condensation drying method.

Incorrect Miele Dishwasher Cycle Options

Lastly, when you notice your Miele dishwasher not drying dishes, we suggest double-checking the selected cycle. Not every dishwasher cycle utilizes the dishwasher’s drying fans. If you would like dry dishes, make sure your selected cycle includes the drying feature.

If your Miele dishwasher not drying becomes an ongoing problem, Ortega’s Appliance Service can help. We offer the utmost in high-end dishwasher service and can provide info on the best Miele appliance models.

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