How to Load a Thermador Dishwasher Properly

How to properly load a dishwasher has almost become a household debate over who can do it better. At the risk of fueling the fire, there are some dishwasher loading tips that make for cleaner dishes. Read on for how to load a Thermador dishwasher so that everyone in your household (sorry, kids) can become an expert.

How to Load a Thermador Dishwasher

Though how to load a dishwasher may seem like a matter of preference, the manufacturer’s recommended method provides significant benefits. If items are crowded together or the spray arms are blocked, your items won’t be sufficiently cleaned. This wastes time and energy, as you’ll likely want to rerun your wash cycle or wash dirty items by hand. Loading the wrong items on the bottom rack could lead to breakage or wear and tear that is an additional expense. Below are Thermador dishwasher loading instructions and common mistakes to avoid in the quest for a correctly loaded dishwasher.

Silverware Basket

First and foremost, always use your silverware basket for utensils so they don’t fall to the bottom of the dishwasher during a wash cycle. This can lead to damage for either the utensil or your dishwasher. For safety reasons, place knives with the blades facing downward in the basket. Alternate forks and spoons facing upwards or downwards so they don’t overlap in the basket.


how to load a thermador dishwasher
Image from Thermador

Top Rack

The top rack is constructed to hold glassware, cups and small plates to prevent breakage. Large serving utensils that don’t fit in the silverware basket can also be placed in the top rack. Since the spray arm is located just below the top rack, make sure items don’t hang below the rack and block the spray arm. When it comes to proper placement, stack top rack items neatly at an incline so they have access to the cleaning solution but can also drain. This will also allow for the optimization of your top rack space.


dishwasher loading tips
Image from Thermador

Bottom Rack

Larger items such as pots, pans, large bowls and dishes are best placed in the bottom rack. Load plates into the rack’s slots, ensuring they all face towards the center. If they lean at all, try to have them lean down, towards the center, so they have access to spray from all directions. Pots and pans should face downward for better access to the cleaning solution. Unlike many dishwasher brands, the heating element for your Thermador dishwasher is not located at the bottom of the machine. Therefore, plastic items can also be placed in the bottom rack with no risk of heat damage.


how to load a dishwasher
Image from Thermador

Dishwasher Loading Mistakes

Sometimes knowing how not to load a dishwasher is just as helpful as knowing the right way. Below are some typical mistakes and techniques to avoid in how to load a Thermador dishwasher:

  • Skip the pre-rinse: your dishwasher needs a little grime to enable your cleaning solution enzymes to work optimally. Just scrape off any large food particles before loading.
  • Separation = Cleaner Dishes: any time your dishes touch each other you lessen their access to cleaning solution and water. The same premise holds for utensils; make sure they don’t touch or overlap each other to achieve an optimum clean.
  • Overcrowding Doesn’t Mean Less Hand Washing: Stuffing your dishwasher racks haphazardly is never a shortcut. Overcrowding only lessens your items’ access to the dishwasher’s water and cleaning solution and could block the spray arms. Either way, your dishes won’t clean properly.
  • Not Every Item is Meant for the Dishwasher: cutting boards, utensils with wooden handles, and large pots are better off hand washed to avoid damage or overcrowding.

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