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miele dryer making loud noise

Miele Dryer Making Noise? This Could Be Why

Why is my Miele dryer making noise? Rattling sounds could mean that the dryer isn’t level or the blower wheel is obstructed. We’ll answer, “Why is my dryer making a weird noise?” with five common causes of rattling, humming, thumping, grinding, squeaking, and more unusual dryer sounds.

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bosch dryer not starting

5 Reasons Why Your Bosch Dryer Won’t Start

Your dryer may reliably dry clothes for years until, one day, it just doesn’t start. Why won’t my dryer turn on? It can’t start if the door isn’t closed all the way. Make sure that nothing is blocking it from closing and that the door switch is working properly. Troubleshoot more reasons why your Bosch dryer won’t start and what you can do to solve the problem.

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whirlpool dryer not heating

5 Causes for a Whirlpool Dryer Not Drying Clothes

A Whirlpool dryer not heating properly can be just as frustrating as the wet clothes it leaves behind. But not to worry! From overloading to clogged dryer vents, we’ll discuss common causes for a Whirlpool dryer not drying to prevent more time from slipping away.

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