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Limited Warranty

If we come to your home to fix an appliance and it breaks down again during our 90-day warranty period, we will return for free and determine the cause of the problem. If the breakdown has anything to do with the original repair, we will fix it for free!

If the machine has another problem, we will treat the repair as if we had diagnosed both problems at the same time and price it accordingly. You pay the same amount had we made the complete diagnosis on the first trip to your house. If the machine is not worth spending any additional money on, we will remove any parts we installed and give you back the original repair cost, less the regular service call charge.

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Limited warranty under the manufacturer means all parts installed by Ortega’s Appliance Service will perform satisfactory under the conditions of normal use. In the event a part should fail to perform Ortega’s Appliance Service guarantees it as follows: Single Family Dwellings (single family use) 1 years on parts, 1 year on related labor* Our warranty on Commercial use (which includes rental properties) and all others is 90 days on parts, 90 days on related labor. 

The warranty for appliances dropped off and picked up at our shop is 90 days on parts, 90 days on labor, and the customer must bring the appliance back to our shop.

All repair estimates expire after 30 days.

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Warranty Cancellation

Warranty may be canceled at the sole discretion of Ortega’s Appliance Service in the event that a balance due is open after 30 days or if payment is canceled for any reason. Automatic cancellation will occur if an account is placed in collections. Customer’s signature on invoice is required for warranties to be valid. ANY WORK PERFORMED ON THIS APPLIANCE BY THE CUSTOMER OR ANOTHER COMPANY WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES.

Parts No Longer Available

Ortega’s Appliance Service’s obligation under this warranty will expire in the event a part is no longer available from the original manufacturer.


No warranty on water filters, cosmetic parts or non-functional parts, such as but not limited to; glass cook tops, glass, trim, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, shelves, etc. All parts installed while under manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement carry no warranty after manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement expires. Repairs necessitated by other defective parts are charged separately, and are not covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty is given only to the customer hereunder and we shall not be liable to third parties, NOR SHALL Ortega’s Appliance Service BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, except for the limited warranty set forth above. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AND WE SPECIFICALLY MAKE NO WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We do not make any guarantee with respect to any other parts. This warranty applies to labor provided during normal working hours only. Additional charges will apply for other than normal working hours. We assume no liability nor make any guarantee for any loss, including food, caused by a failed part. Parts installed under previous warranty will carry no additional warranty. Once original warranty expires, all replacement parts use the same expiration date as the originally replaced part. ANY WORK PERFORMED ON THIS APPLIANCE BY THE CUSTOMER OR ANOTHER COMPANY WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES.

Refund Disclaimer

Service call charges are non-refundable. All sales are final.

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