Miele Dryer Making Noise? This Could Be Why

While all dryers make noise when operating, rattles, thumps, and squeaks are unusual enough to stand out. Why is my Miele dryer making noise? Rattling sounds could mean that the dryer isn’t level or the blower wheel is obstructed. We’ll answer, “Why is my dryer making a weird noise?” with five common causes.

How to Silence a Miele Dryer Making Noise

While some dryer sounds are normal or have a simple DIY fix, others indicate a part malfunction that requires a repair. Here’s how to translate a Miele dryer making noise into a solution that silences the sound.

Dryer Makes Humming Sound

A Miele tumble dryer is unique in that it uses a heat pump for improved energy efficiency and protection of delicate fabrics. During operation, the heat pump may make a low humming or buzzing sound. This common noise indicates normal operation and isn’t a cause for concern.

miele dryer making loud noise

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Dryer Is Rattling

Miele dryer noise that sounds like rattling can have several possible causes, most of which are resolved with a simple adjustment.

The following issues can cause rattling sounds:

  • Exhaust vent is loose: A loose exhaust vent can move during operation, resulting in a rattling sound. Check the vent and make any needed adjustments to tighten and secure it.
  • Dryer isn’t level: If the dryer’s legs don’t sit evenly on the floor the dryer may make a rattling sound while it’s running. To level the dryer, adjust the leveling legs by raising them up or down with a screwdriver or rotating the locking nuts.
  • Loose items in drum: Buttons, coins, and paper clips can all make a rattling sound while the drum is tumbling. Pause the dryer and check for any loose items.
  • Blower wheel obstruction: Sometimes a small article of clothing or debris can obstruct the blower wheel and create a rattling sound. Another sign of a blocked blower wheel is when the dryer takes too long to dry clothes due to a lack of airflow. Inspect the wheel for blockages and remove any obstructions. If the wheel is damaged or wobbles as it turns, it must be replaced.why is my dryer making a weird noise

Dryer Makes Thumping Sound

If your dryer makes noise when tumbling that sounds like loud thumping it’s likely overloaded. Drying more than one wash load or multiple oversize items can restrict airflow, elongating drying times and creating clumps that thump while tumbling.

Avoid overloading by only drying one wash load or bulky item at a time. Balancing a large item, like a comforter or blanket, with a few smaller items can also better balance the load.

Grinding or Squeaky Dryer

Is your Miele dryer making loud noise that sounds like squeaking and grinding? Overloading can also result in these sounds as the drum struggles to rotate. Follow our overloading tips to also reduce grinding and squeaking sounds.

If the drum isn’t overloaded, check your clothes to see if they’re wetter than usual. Excessively wet items can create extra weight in the dryer drum, resulting in squeaking and grinding. Remove any especially wet items and place them back in the washer for a second rinse cycle. This can remove excess moisture and reduce weight in the dryer drum.

Defective Miele Dryer Parts

Is your Miele dryer making noise even after trying these troubleshooting tips? A defective part may be responsible.

These parts can result in loud dryer noise when they fail, requiring professional repair or replacement:

  • Drive belt: If the drive belt frays or tears it won’t properly rotate the dryer drum or support its weight, resulting in a thumping sound. If the belt tears completely, you may find the dryer not starting at all. A damaged drive belt must be replaced.
  • Drum roller: A worn drum roller won’t adequately support the weight of the dryer drum as it rotates, creating a rumbling sound. Even if only one drum roller is worn out, it’s recommended that all are replaced at the same time.
  • Drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the rear of the dryer drum. If it wears out, the drum will be difficult to turn by hand and may make loud squealing or grinding sounds. A worn drum bearing can’t be repaired and must be replaced.

The professionals at Ortega’s Appliance Service can fix a Miele dryer making noise or handle any clothes dryer repair. Call to speak to an expert technician or schedule your service online!

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