5 Reasons Why Your Bosch Dryer Won’t Start

Your dryer may reliably dry clothes for years until, one day, it just doesn’t start. Why won’t my dryer turn on? It can’t start if the door isn’t closed all the way. Make sure that nothing is blocking it from closing and that the door switch is working properly. Troubleshoot more reasons why your Bosch dryer won’t start and what you can do to solve the problem.

Bosch Dryer Won’t Start? Here’s How to Get Laundry Day Back on Track

If your dryer won’t even turn on it can seem like it never will again. However, a simple adjustment or a straightforward repair can be all you need when your Bosch dryer won’t start. 

1. Power Issues

Bosch dryer troubleshooting starts not with the dryer but with your power source. If the dryer isn’t properly plugged into a working outlet or its circuit breaker has flipped, it won’t receive the power it needs to start.

Make sure the dryer is properly plugged into its outlet without the use of an extension cord. These cords can’t safely transmit the electricity needed for the dryer to operate. If the dryer is plugged in correctly, check your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box for flipped breakers or blown fuses. Reposition any flipped breakers or replace blown fuses to restore power.

bosch dryer won't start

2. Dryer Door Not Closing Properly

As a safety precaution, your Bosch dryer won’t start if the door isn’t closed and its switch isn’t engaged. Sometimes stray clothing can block the door from closing properly. Check for any loose clothing that may be blocking the door switch and remove them.

If the door switch isn’t blocked, listen for the audible “click” that usually occurs when the switch is engaged. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, test the door switch for continuity. A lack of continuity means the switch has failed and requires replacement.

Pro Tip: To prevent a dryer door latch failure in the future, we recommend that you always close your dryer door gently and avoid slamming it shut. This will prolong the life of the latching mechanism and save you money on unnecessary repairs.

3. Incorrect Bosch Dryer Settings

Sometimes an incorrect cycle setting can be the reason for a Bosch dryer not starting. When selected, these settings can prevent the dryer from turning on immediately.

Here’s how to check your Bosch dryer cycle settings when the dryer won’t start:

  • Make sure a drying cycle is selected: Your Bosch dryer does not work unless a setting is determined before starting.
  • Check the Child Lock setting: Some dryers are equipped with a Child Lock feature that prevents the dryer from activating if any button is pushed. If the Child Lock setting is engaged, you may see a key symbol or the letters “CL” on the digital display. To disengage the Child Lock feature, hold down the Start button for 3-5 seconds.
  • Ensure that Delayed Start function isn’t engaged: If your dryer has a Delayed Start option, the dryer won’t start immediately and will begin operating at a preselected time. Check your use and care manual to determine how to operate and disengage this function on your model dryer. Usually, this feature can be disengaged by holding down the Delay Start and Cancel buttons simultaneously.
bosch dryer start button not working
Image from Bosch

4. Defective Bosch Dryer Start Switch

When you find your Bosch dryer start button not working, it’s possible the start switch behind the button is defective.  When the start button is pushed, the switch sends electricity to the motor so it starts to operate. If the switch isn’t working, it won’t send this signal to the motor and the dryer won’t start.

If multimeter testing of the start switch shows a lack of continuity, the switch needs to be replaced.

5. Blown Dryer Thermal Fuse

What’s the problem if your Bosch dryer clicks but won’t start? This usually indicates a blown thermal fuse. While this fuse will blow if the dryer is in danger of overheating, it could also blow if it’s defective.

If the thermal fuse has blown, first check the exhaust vent for blockages that can cause overheating. Clogged vents can also be responsible if you find your dryer won’t dry clothes completely. If the exhaust vent isn’t clogged, test the fuse for continuity. A lack of continuity confirms that the fuse has blown and requires replacement.

If your Bosch dryer won’t start even after these interventions, it may be time to call in a professional dryer repair service. Ortega’s Appliance Service can help with any laundry appliance concern!

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