Appliance 101: Difference Between Convection Ovens and Regular Ovens

Whether you are looking to replace an old oven or are designing a new kitchen for a custom home, the oven you choose reflects how you function in the kitchen. The difference between convection ovens and regular ovens seems minor, yet it makes a big difference when considering how you like to cook.

Difference Between Convection Ovens and Regular Ovens

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of convection ovens and regular ovens so you’ll know exactly what you want and need for your kitchen.

How Do Convection Ovens Work?

The difference between convection ovens and regular ovens is in part how they work. A convection oven uses at least one fan in the back of the oven that circulates the hot air around, creating a more even heating environment for the food. This eliminates hot spots within the oven and provides more consistent temperatures.

convection oven for baking
Image from Whirlpool

Convection Oven Pros and Cons


Convection oven vs conventional oven cooking times are different. Due to the heat distribution from the convection fans, the cooking time is shortened when using a convection oven.

When you use a convection oven, the fans pull moisture out of the food. This is especially good when cooking vegetables! They come out with a beautiful, crisp exterior that is hard to get in a conventional oven. Some convection ovens also have settings for bake or roast, which adjusts the fan speed and helps you get the “finish” on your food you desire.


Using a convection oven for baking is not always recommended. If you are baking bread, cake, or anything that requires rise time, your final product will turn out better in a conventional oven. Convection fans will make your bread and cakes dry when they should be fluffy and moist.


Many experts have offered tips for using a convection oven. For starters, you may be asking yourself, “How do I convert cooking time for a convection oven?” You can multiply the cooking time by 0.75, but get a feel for your individual oven to be sure. Convection veterans suggest checking food more frequently since the cooking time will be reduced.

Another tip is to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees when using the more efficient convection cooking.

Conventional Oven Pros and Cons

In discussing the difference between convection ovens and regular ovens, conventional ovens still have their place. Although convection oven vs conventional oven cooking times vary, the longer cooking times used with regular ovens is sometimes necessary.


Many bakers prefer conventional ovens when it comes to baking anything that needs to rise, whether it’s little Johnny’s birthday cake, a fresh loaf of bread, or even a souffle. Conventional ovens give adequate rise and produce a light, moist product in comparison to convection ovens.

Conventional ovens are also great for low, slow roasting of meats. Meats that are to be slow-roasted such as ribs, Kahlua Pig, or poultry will retain more moisture in a conventional oven.


Conventional ovens are known for uneven cooking and longer cook times.

convection oven vs conventional oven cooking times
Image from Our Everyday Life

Which Type of Oven Is Best?

When narrowing down the difference between convection ovens and regular ovens, ultimately, both can get the job done. The decision is really based on what type of cooking and baking you do the most and what oven best suits your style, price, and preferences.

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