Oven Repair Santa Fe & Albuquerque


At Ortega’s Appliance Repair we specialize in nearly all appliances and brand names. If its Albuquerque & Santa Fe oven repair you’re looking for, Ortega’s is here for you. Our skilled and professional team are always ready to repair your oven appliance and keep it functioning at its best.

Engaging an Oven Repair Technician

Repairing an oven is always cheaper than buying a new one. At Ortega’s Appliance, one of our service technicians will come out and diagnose the exact oven problem. We are certified in fixing many common oven repair issues in Albuquerque & Santa Fe.

Common Oven Issues

Ortega’s will provide general maintenance tips to improve the life of your oven. Although ovens today are built to last, we see some common issues, including:

• Oven is not heating up
• Door not closing properly
• Burnt oven light
• Inconsistent Temperatures
• Oven will not self-clean

Get Back To the Kitchen

At Ortega’s we understand how important our appliances are. Our technicians have helped thousands of families get back to cooking in the kitchen. We have a reputation for excellent service and customer service and are only happy when our clients are 100% satisfied.

Call a Professional

You run the risk of electric shock when dealing with oven repairs. Because many of the issues involve checking voltage, bad wires or broken elements it’s safer to leave the job to a professional and not have to deal with the risk yourself.

Old or New Ovens

It doesn’t matter if you’re oven is 2 years or over 8 years old. Our tech will call you before they arrive on site and assess what repairs need to me made.

Highest Quality Service

We pride ourselves on being locally owned. Our passion is helping homeowners get back into the kitchen by providing reliable oven repairs. If you’re looking for oven repair in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, look to Ortega’s.

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