When you need appliance repair in Albuquerque, Ortega’s is right around the corner!

At Ortega’s, we make it our mission to travel to where our customers live, so we’ve expanded our service range to cover municipalities in more than 20 area ZIP codes:

  • 87004
  • 87008
  • 87043
  • 87059
  • 87111
  • 87113
  • 87114
  • 87120
  • 87121
  • 87122
  • 87123
  • 87124
  • 87144
  • 87048
  • 87102
  • 87104
  • 87105
  • 87106
  • 87107
  • 87108
  • 87109
  • 87110

No matter where you live in the Albuquerque metro area, Ortega’s Appliance Service is conveniently situated to deliver prompt, efficient service throughout our rapidly expanding city and suburbs.

When Ortega’s opened our appliance repair company in 1975, the Albuquerque area was a lot more compact than it is now. In fact, a lot of the towns you or your children may have grown up or gone to school in didn’t even exist then — at least not in their modern form. From the tourist attractions of Old Town Albuquerque to growing suburban residential areas like Placitas, Corrales, and Sandia Heights — along with exciting business and residential renewal development to restore livability and affordability to the Albuquerque city center — the Albuquerque area has become one of America’s most desirable places to live and work.

If the electronic range in your close-in East Downtown loft, or the icemaker in your Rio Rancho ranch-style home, needs professional servicing, call Ortega’s first for expert appliance repair.

Ortega’s has embraced technological development in appliance repair and service. We make it our business to keep up with the latest advances in appliance design and innovation, from energy- and water-saving dishwashers to convection microwaves (and just about every kitchen appliance in between). Our service technicians receive regular training to make sure they’ll be prepared for any challenge they encounter in a customer’s home.

So if you are an Albuquerque area resident with an ailing freezer, cooktop, clothes dryer, trash compactor, wine storage unit, or other appliance, Ortega’s is the appliance service company that can handle it all.

Click here to schedule an appointment or call 505-884-9177 to speak with a friendly Ortega’s staff member. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.




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