Whirlpool Gas vs Electric Dryer: Which Is Best?

Appliance shopping can be stressful. Between the cost and length of time we own an appliance, we want to make the right choice. If you’re in the market for a new Whirlpool dyer, it can be difficult to decide between a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer. We’ll review some points to consider when purchasing a dryer from which model is most efficient to which offers the best value.

Considerations When Choosing a Whirlpool Gas vs Electric Dryer

Between online reviews and the recommendations of friends you may be wondering, “Do I need a gas or electric dryer?” Our considerations boil the information down to several key points so you can make the best choice for your specific needs.

How Do They Heat Up?

When thinking about a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer, knowing how they get the job done can help you make your choice. Here we break down how each dryer creates heat to dry clothes:

  • Electric dryer: creates heat from electric coils that receive electricity from a 240-volt outlet. Electricity also powers the wash drum, fan, lights and control panel.
  • Gas dryer: generates heat from gas burners powered by a natural gas or propane hookup. However, the igniter for the burners is powered by electricity, as are the wash drum, fan, lights, and control panel. In addition to a gas connection, gas dryers also require a standard electrical outlet.

whirlpool gas vs electric dryer

How Fast Do They Dry?

Drying times can also factor into your decision about a gas or electric dryer. Generally speaking, gas dryers heat up and dry clothes more rapidly, leading to shorter drying times. This not only leads to less wear and tear on clothes but less energy usage and lower utility bills over time.

Which Model is Most Efficient?

When asking, “What type of dryer should I buy?” efficiency is often a top concern. Both gas and electric Whirlpool dryers are designed to maximize efficiency and use the least amount of energy. However, since gas dryers have shorter drying times, they can be considered more efficient.

What If I Have a Large Family?

Gas vs electric dryers pros and cons are largely personal, with family size influencing a decision for either one. Smaller families that wash only 1 or 2 loads per week can benefit from the cheaper upfront cost of an electric dryer. Similarly, they’re less likely to suffer from longer drying times or higher long-term utility costs.

If you’re part of a larger family that washes a load of laundry almost every day it can be worth the upfront cost to invest in a gas dryer. Shorter drying times and lower energy costs over time will likely balance out any initial expense.

gas vs electric dryers pros and cons

Which Offers the Best Value?

Long-term value is also an important consideration when asking, “What type of dryer should I buy?” When thinking about a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer purchase price and utility costs can both factor into a dryer’s value over time:

Gas Dryer:

  • Higher purchase price
  • Higher repair costs
  • Less expensive over time due to energy savings

Electric Dryer:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower repair costs
  • More expensive in the long run due to higher energy usage and cost

We hope these considerations help you make the best choice for your family when choosing a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer. Regardless of your decision, we recommend knowing how to clean your dryer vent as part of safe dryer maintenance. As Albuquerque’s #1 dryer repair service, your safety is always our first priority. Give us a call with any questions or concerns!

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