Laundry 101: Can You Wash a Comforter in a Washer?

Cool autumn nights are right around the corner, and you’ll be reaching for your cozy comforter. Before there’s a chill in the air, it could probably use a wash after taking the summer off. But can you wash a comforter in a washer? Our guide will show you how to wash and dry your comforter properly.

How to Wash a Comforter in a Washer in 6 Simple Steps

Are you supposed to wash your comforter often? If it has a cover, washing it once or twice a year should suffice. However, an uncovered comforter should be washed once a week to keep dust and stains at bay. Here’s how to wash a comforter in a washer without damaging your machine.

#1: Read the Label’s Cleaning Instructions

A little preparation goes a long way in knowing how to wash a comforter in the washer properly. Read the label’s cleaning instructions carefully and refrain from washing if it says, “Dry Clean Only.” Certain materials, like silk and wool, require dry cleaning to avoid permanent damage. Before washing, also take note of any recommendations for water temperature and detergent.

#2: Use the Correct Size Washer

Wondering how to wash a comforter without it getting lumpy? Make sure your washer is large enough to wash heavy bedding with room to spare. While there’s no difference in ability between front load vs. top load washers, having adequate room prevents clumping and washer damage. To make the best use of space and allow for optimum access to detergent and water, wash your comforter separately from other items. 

If your washer is too small to properly accommodate your comforter, it’s best to utilize a laundromat’s commercial washing machines.

#3: Pre-Treat Comforter Stains

If your comforter has visible stains, pre-treating them can lead to cleaner results. Before you wash a comforter in a washer follow these pre-treating steps:

  1. Move the comforter’s filling away from the stained area
  2. Pour a small amount of detergent or an enzyme-based stain remover directly on the stain and rub it in gently.  A paste of baking soda and water can also be used.
  3. Allow the stain to soak for 30 minutes before washing.

wash a comforter in a washer

#4. Select the Right Wash Setting

If the label doesn’t recommend a particular setting, wash a comforter in a washer on a gentle cycle with cold or warm water. Use an extra rinse cycle, if possible, to best eliminate dust mites, dirt, and pollen. 

#5. Use the Correct Detergent in the Right Amounts

When it comes to detergent, a mild or all-natural option is safe for all fabrics. Use the least recommended amount on the detergent’s instructions so the comforter rinses sufficiently. Lastly, refrain from using fabric softener when washing down comforters. It can coat the down filling, leaving it less fluffy.

#6. Dry Your Comforter Properly

We recommend drying your comforter on a low heat setting. While this may require several drying cycles, don’t think your dryer takes too long. A low heat setting may take more time, but it avoids damage.

Toss a few tennis or dryer balls in with your comforter to prevent clumping. Pausing the dryer every 30 minutes or so to shake out the comforter redistributes the filling and ensures even drying.

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