Sub-Zero Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Follow These Tips…

As Sub-Zero service experts, we know that investing in this brand means capitalizing on the very best in refrigeration technology. So a Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice can be upsetting given this high-quality name. Fortunately, simple fixes like changing the water filter or adjusting the freezer temperature can often do the trick to restore your ice maker’s function.

What to Do for a Sub-Zero Ice Maker Not Making Ice

A Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice doesn’t always require a repair. Before arranging for service, try troubleshooting these common causes to solve the problem.

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Turned Off

Even though your freezer and refrigerator are on it doesn’t mean that the ice maker is on as well. If your ice maker isn’t producing ice, first make sure that it’s turned on before any performing additional troubleshooting.

Wondering how to turn on Sub-Zero ice maker quickly and easily? Most models can be turned on by pushing the “Ice maker” or “Ice On/Off” button on the refrigerator’s control panel. The word “ICE” or a picture of ice will be displayed when the ice maker is on and operating. For under-counter models, make sure the ice level arm is in the down position to turn on the ice maker.

Ice Maker Hasn’t Produced Ice Yet

If you notice your Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice immediately after it was installed or turned on, it likely needs more time to do so. After being turned on or newly installed it takes an ice maker 24 hours to produce a batch of ice.

Internal Temperature is Too High

An ice maker operates best when the freezer is kept at a certain temperature. While the brand recommends that freezer temperatures remain at 5°F or less, the optimal Sub-Zero freezer temperature setting for ice is 0°F.

If your freezer temperature is set too high, your ice maker won’t be able to produce ice or keep it frozen in the ice bin. However, if your freezer temperature is set correctly, we suggest checking for the following issues that could contribute to a warmer freezer environment:

  • Dirty or damaged door seal: if the freezer door seal is dirty or torn it can allow cold air to escape even if the freezer door is closed. While a dirty door seal can be cleaned with a damp cloth, a damaged seal requires professional replacement.
  • Dirty Condenser Coils: these coils cool refrigerant to provide cold air for the freezer. If they become coated in dust and dirt, the refrigerant may not cool properly and freezer temperatures can warm. A Sub-Zero condenser coil cleaning can rid the coils of dirt and restore the proper temperature.
sub zero ice maker not making ice
Image from Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero Water Filter is Dirty

A Sub-Zero water filter supplies the ice maker with water to make ice. However, if the filter becomes clogged with particles and impurities, water flow can be restricted and result in a lack of ice.

It’s recommended that you change your refrigerator’s water filter at least every 6 months to prevent clogs. This will also ensure that your ice maker has a continuous supply of clean water to make ice.

Water Inlet Malfunction

An ice maker’s water inlet tube channels water from the refrigerator to the ice maker to make ice. Sometimes, if your water pressure is too low, water can freeze inside the Sub-Zero ice maker water line, creating a blockage. Water to supply the ice maker will be unable to flow through the tube, halting ice production.

To fix the problem, locate the water inlet tube above the ice maker, along the freezer’s back or sidewall. Move a hairdryer back and forth along the tube to melt any ice inside, dissolving the blockage. In other cases, the inlet tube may be operating but the water inlet valve that opens to allow water to flow is faulty. In this case the water inlet valve requires replacement.

Faulty Sub-Zero Ice Maker

If these troubleshooting tips still leave you with a Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice, the ice maker itself may be faulty. A sign that this is the case can be your Sub-Zero ice maker freezing up repeatedly.  We recommend a professional service to replace your ice maker.

The team of experts at Ortega’s Appliance can help with every quality refrigerator repair. Call us with any Sub-Zero question or concern.

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