Do Your Range Burners Spark All the Time? This Might Be Why.

There’s something fun about hearing that clicking sound when you go to ignite your stovetop. If your range burners spark and don’t stop though, that feeling can go from fun to fear in a matter of seconds. Why is your stove sparking continuously, and is it dangerous? Find out how to diagnose the issue quickly and repair it safely.

Why Do Your Range Burners Spark?

Few appliance issues are more confusing than when your range burners spark non-stop. In most cases though, the problem can be solved quickly by adjusting, cleaning, or replacing one of the following parts:

Burner Cap

The first place to look should be the cap on the problem burner. Each burner cap has grooves on the bottom so it can slot in snugly on top of its corresponding burner head and spread the flame evenly on all sides.

What Can Go Wrong?

In some cases, a burner cap that’s not resting properly on top of the head can cause the burner to spark continuously.  It may need to be readjusted.

How to Fix It

Remove the burner grate to access the cap. Inspect the burner cap for damage or moisture. If it looks ok, place the cap back on the burner so it slots in snugly.

stove sparking
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Spark Electrode

Each surface burner on your gas range uses a spark electrode (igniter) to light the gas coming through the valve. It creates the initial spark that gets the fire going for you to cook with.

What Can Go Wrong?

If you cook with your range top often, at some point you will spill or one of your pots will boil over causing the igniter to get wet. This moisture can be what’s causing the sparking issue.

How to Fix It

You need to dry out the spark electrode, so start by turning your oven to around 350°F. Remove the burner cap and let the oven’s heat from below dry out the assembly for about half an hour.

all burners spark
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Spark Ignition Switch

When your range is working as it should, each burner knows when to turn its igniter on thanks to a spark ignition switch. Each switch is part of an ignition harness that sends signals to the spark module when you want to turn on the heat.

What Can Go Wrong?

Sometimes one or more of your spark ignition switches can fail. If one of the switches breaks down while the electrical contacts are closed, the switch will send a continuous signal to the spark module, resulting in a burner that keeps sparking continuously.

How to Fix It

Access the spark ignition harness and use a multimeter to test the switches individually for continuity. Any switch that shows continuity at all settings is defective and will need to be replaced.

stove burners spark
Image from Repair Clinic

Spark Module

Whether one or all burners spark on your range, the last part for you to inspect will be your spark module. This unit controls the power that gets sent to each individual spark electrode when you want to ignite a particular burner.

What Can Go Wrong?

In most cases, a broken module will result in burners not being able to spark. Sometimes though, the opposite happens and one or more burners are told to ignite continuously.

How to Fix It

Spark modules can’t be tested, so only replace them when all other possible failures have been addressed and check out.

range burners clicking
Image from Sears Parts Direct

If your range burners spark and you still can’t find the problem, call the repair experts at Ortega’s Appliance Service right away! And check out our blog for more repair tips, Miele appliance reviews, and much more.


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