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Considering purchasing a new appliance for your home? Our Miele appliance reviews can help make your decision easy!

As multiple-time winners of the iF Design Award, ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Award, and Reviewed.com’s Best of Year Award, Miele’s constant innovation and development have led to their fast-growing popularity among consumers. No other premium appliance manufacturer offers a comprehensive suite of top-of-the-line of refrigerators, ranges, ovens, vent hoods, dishwashers, and laundry appliances.

Ortega’s Miele Appliance Reviews

It’s a challenge deciding which models to include in our Miele appliance reviews, but we’ve chosen to showcase their most fully-loaded models so you can get an idea as to what’s possible in today’s world of high-end appliances.

Best Miele Oven – 30″ Convection Oven

Convection ovens are all the rage these days thanks to their even cooking and numerous features. Miele’s take on convection cooking takes things a step further thanks to their easy-to-use automatic programs, powerful blower fans, and exquisitely-designed exterior facade.

  • Top Features
    • MasterChef Plus automatic programs
    • Moisture Plus cooking
    • Crisp function
  • Price: $5,749.00
  • Model Number: H 6880 BP
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Best Miele Range – 48″ Dual Fuel Range

For the serious at-home chef we’ve selected this massive, multi-functional 48″ Miele dual fuel range. It offers every imaginable cooking surface, feature, and setting, all while taking your breath away with its stunningly elegant good looks.

  • Top Features
    • Rapid PreHeat technology
    • 3-Door Concept oven design
    • Residual Heat Utilization
  • Price: $14,299.00
  • Model Number: HR 1955 G
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Best Miele Refrigerator – MasterCool Refrigerator

Nothing brings a luxury kitchen together quite like the perfect refrigerator, and Miele delivers just the model for yours. This massive built-in refrigerator with bottom freezer pulls out all the stops by including all of today’s most modern, sought-after features.

  • Top Features
    • DynaCool even temperature distribution
    • NoFrost anti-icing system
    • SmartFresh micro-climate compartments
  • Price: $9,099.00
  • Model Number: KF 1913 SF
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Best Miele Dishwasher – Professional Dishwasher

Our Miele appliance reviews wouldn’t be complete without including one of their world-famous dishwashers! These top-of-the-line appliances are renowned for their powerful cleaning abilities and economical power consumption.

  • Top Features
    • AutoClose self-closing door
    • Integrated water softener
    • Very short cycle times
  • Price: $5,899.00
  • Model Number: PG 8061 U
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Best Miele Washer – W1 Front-Loading Washer

When it comes to laundry appliances, Miele is ahead of the game. Their best-in-class front-load washer looks great and offers more unique features than nearly any other brand.

  • Top Features
    • Autmoatic load control system
    • TwinDos automatic detergent dispenser
    • WiFiConn@ct remote control from your device
  • Price: $1,999.00
  • Model Number: WH860 WCS
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Best Miele Dryer – T1 Tumble Dryer

We conclude our best Miele reviews with this Reviewed.com Editor’s Choice award-winning dryer. Their design focus for this unit is centered around drying speed and maintaining your clothes’ appearance over multiple wash and dry cycles.

  • Top Features
    • EcoDry efficieny technology
    • Express drying cycle
    • Wrinkle-free automatic loosening
  • Price: $1,799.00
  • Model Number: TWI180 WP
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Miele appliances are some of the most well-designed premium appliances in the world today. Even they can break down from time to time though. If you’re in need of factory authorized Miele repair Albuquerque, call the pros at Ortega’s Appliance Service today!


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