How to Fix a GE Front Load Washer Leaking Water

When a GE washer leaks water it can prompt a quick response and concern for a bigger problem. After all, no one wants to deal with a messy cleanup or water damage. We’ll troubleshoot a GE front load washer leaking water from overloading to too much detergent so you can avoid bigger headaches.

Is Your GE Front Load Washer Leaking Water? This Could Be Why.

While leaking is more common in front load vs top load washers leaks don’t always indicate a major malfunction. A GE front load washer leaking water from certain locations often has specific fixes, starting with the use and care of your machine.

Washing Machine Leaking from Front

When you ask, “Why is my GE washer leaking water from the front?” the most common answer involves the door gasket. This rubber gasket prevents leaks by creating a seal around the door when it’s closed and locked. However, the following situations can compromise the gasket and you may notice your washer leaking during the spin cycle:
  • Rips and tears from items left in pockets
  • Clothes trapped between the door and gasket due to overloading
  • Buildup of dirt and soap residue
To prevent your washer leaking from the front, empty any clothing pockets before placing them in the washer. Avoid overloading to prevent clothes from getting trapped between the gasket and door. Lastly, regularly wipe down the gasket with a clean cloth to avoid a buildup of residue that can interfere with the gasket’s seal. ge front load washer leaking

GE Washer Leaking from the Back

A GE washer leaking from the back is typically caused by improper installation of the drain or inlet hoses. Refer to your user manual to make sure that both sets of hoses are installed correctly. In other instances, washer hoses can cause leaks if the washer is pushed too close against a wall. In this case, the hoses will repeatedly rub against the wall and can develop leaks. Make sure your washer is an adequate distance away from the wall to avoid damage and replace any leaky hoses.

GE Washer Leaking from the Bottom

Is your washing machine leaking soapy water from the bottom? Using too much detergent can cause these messy leaks. We suggest following the recommended measurements on your detergent package to avoid using too much per load. In addition, always use HE detergents for an HE machine. Using regular detergent can create too many suds during a wash cycle, possibly resulting in leaks. why is my ge washer leaking

Water Leaking from Detergent Dispenser

A GE front load washer leaking water from the dispenser could have several possible causes:
  • Too much detergent: Make sure you don’t surpass the fill line when pouring liquid detergent in the dispenser
  • Improper location of dispenser insert: When using powdered detergent, make sure you’re using the right dispenser compartment to avoid clogs that can cause leaks. Also make sure the insert is positioned correctly in the dispenser drawer.
  • Dirty dispenser drawer: A buildup of dirt in and around the dispenser drawer can also cause leaks. Regularly remove the dispenser drawer for cleanings, wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Tips to Prevent Washer Leaks

Fortunately, a little prevention can go a long way in avoiding washer leaks. These tips review how to clean a front load washer and use the proper detergent in the right amounts to sidestep leaks:
  • Wipe down door gasket regularly to avoid buildup of mold and mildew
  • Remove the dispenser drawer for regular cleanings to prevent an accumulation of soapy residue
  • Always use HE detergent with an HE washer
  • Make sure you use the proper amount of detergent, taking care not to exceed the fill line on the dispenser
If your GE front load washer leaking water continues even after these interventions, a washer repair service may be the next step. Call Ortega’s Appliance Service for an expert assessment!

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