Why Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Won’t Dispense Water or Ice

Have you been wondering why your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice? There are some common reasons why this can happen. We’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting tips to help you identify the cause of the problem. Let’s take a look.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Won’t Dispense Water or Ice

Check out our troubleshooting guide if your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice to help identify the problem and how to fix it.

Water Filter Is Clogged

Is your Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working? Try checking the water filter. Over time, the water filter becomes clogged, rendering it inefficient and limits water flow through the dispenser.

If your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice and you have not changed the water filter in over 6 months, it is past due for a change. Change the filter using a factory authorized brand filter. You should experience an increase in water flow as well as better tasting, higher quality water to drink.

Keep an extra water filter on hand and continue to change the filter every six months for optimal results.


frigidaire refrigerator not dispensing
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Water Line Is Frozen

You may have your freezer temperature set too low if your Frigidaire water line keeps freezing. When the freezer is too cold, the water line to the refrigerator water dispenser can freeze.

To determine if this is the case, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and attempt to blow air through the tube. If you cannot get air to pass through, the water line is blocked with ice. If the water tube is frozen it needs to be thawed out.

To prevent a frozen water line in the future, make sure the freezer temperature is set to between 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve supplies water to the dispenser when activated. Voltage is sent to the valve, which allows water to flow. If there is not adequate water pressure or power to the valve, water flow will be restricted.

A multimeter can be used to check for continuity of power to the water inlet valve. This is best done by a qualified technician.

Faulty Door Switch

A fresh filter and adequate pressure should do the trick if your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice. If you’ve already changed the filter and know the pressure is fine, then the next likely culprit would be a defective door switch.

The door switch turns off the water and ice dispenser when the refrigerator door opens. If the switch fails, the dispenser will stop working.

You can take apart the dispenser to check the valves and switches if you’re feeling pretty confident with your DIY skills. Use a multimeter to check for continuity and refer to your owner’s manual for replacement parts.


frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working
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Broken Dispenser Switch

When you discover your Frigidaire refrigerator not dispensing properly, check to see if you have a broken dispenser switch. The dispenser switch sends voltage to the dispenser itself. If one of the dispenser switches fails, a Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice.

The dispenser switch needs to be tested for continuity with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, it needs to be replaced.

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