Best New Mexico Recipes

If you’re from New Mexico, you know our cuisine is an original blend of Pueblo Native American and Mexican cuisine that is truly out of this world. From classic green and red chile sauces to sopapillas, we’ve got some of the best food America has to offer. Here’s a selection of the folks at Ortega’s Appliance Service considers to be the best New Mexico recipes:

Ortega’s Favorite New Mexico Recipes

If you’re in the mood for some delicious New Mexico cuisine, fire up your Wolf range and get to cooking one of these tasty meals.

New Mexico Red Chile Sauce

best new mexican recipesChile sauce, whether it’s red or green, is a staple of New Mexican cuisine. This traditional New Mexico food goes well with tamales, burritos, enchiladas, and pretty much anything else you want to put it on. Red chile sauce is generally a little spicier than green chile sauce, but it all comes down what kind of peppers you use to make it. Try making both to figure out which is your favorite!

Here’s our favorite recipe for New Mexico Red Chile Sauce.


Breakfast Burrito

There’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious breakfast burrito. What could possibly be better than eggs, meat, and cheese rolled up in a soft flour tortilla? Breakfast burritos are the go-to breakfast option when you live in New Mexico, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. They’re quick, easy, and usually portable, depending on how good you are at sealing up your burrito.

Check out our favorite Breakfast burrito recipe and try it for yourself!

New Mexico Green Chile Stew

Green chile stew is great for any occasion, whether you’re making it as an appetizer or the main course. The flavors of the green chiles meld beautifully with the beef and pork and create a mouthwatering stew that’s both hearty and delicious. The best part about green chile stew is the fact that you can make it in a slow cooker for an amazingly simple addition to any meal. The only difficult part about it is remembering to make it a few hours before you want to eat!

This Green Chile Stew recipe is made with a crockpot and is amazingly simple. Try it for a delicious lunch or dinner!

Oaxacan Style Mole

oaxacan style mole new mexican recipe

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

As we mentioned earlier, New Mexican cuisine draws from both Pueblo and Mexican culture for a unique mix of flavors. This Oaxacan style mole is a traditional Mexican dish and makes for an incredible entrée. Traditionally it is served with corn tortillas, pickled jalapenos, and Mexican rice. This is our favorite meal for when we’re craving authentic Mexican flavors. This is also an easy recipe to make in large portions for when you’ve got the whole family over!

This traditional Oaxacan Style Mole recipe comes from Jane Butel, and it’s one of our absolute favorites.


Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite: Dessert! Sopapillas are a traditional flatbread from the Southwest. They’re most popular as a sweet treat, coated with cinnamon and sugar, but they can also be a savory accompaniment to chile sauces, guacamole, or bean dip. They’re easy to prepare, quick to make, and a hit with adults and kids alike.

Try out this Sopapilla recipe for yourself and discover your new favorite dessert!

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